Holy Shit…!!!

Holy shit! So much shit! I mean poop! OMG! This morning, my tiny human woke up with the biggest, smelliest, nastiest poop ever. Ok, maybe not ever, but we are talking infant days. You know what I’m talking about. The days of blow outs, poop on the pajamas, up the back, on the sheets, everywhere.

I’m knocking on wood right now because this has not been a common occurrence for my son. I have been thrown up on A LOT, but blow outs have been few and far between. I consider myself lucky in this department but it also means I’m not so used to it.

When I texted a mom friend about this, she had a great point. Better out that end than the other. I guess that’s true. I swear the smell of vomit lasts forever. And my son usually projects it. Poop is much easier to contain. I did smell it on my nose all day long, but it has finally gone away. The last time my son threw up in my car, the smell lingered for weeks. And I had my car scrubbed and detailed by professionals. If it were up to me I would have thrown the car seat out and bought a new one. My husband wasn’t on board with that idea. It just stopped smelling the puke smell last week.

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