An Overnight Trip to the Children’s Hospital…

Odds are you have already been to the emergency room with your little one. If you haven’t, don’t worry you will. And you will get through it in one piece like I did. I don’t think any parent gets to escape the emergency room visit, especially moms of wild tiny human boys with no fear.

My first emergency room visit wasn’t a result of my son’s inclination to run head first like a bull into something or jump off anything with height. It came unexpectedly during his bath and was scary as shit. Mid bath, Mason spiked a fever, went limp and unresponsive, and as we took him out of the bath, and threw clothes on him while running him to the car to take him to the ER, he projectile vomited everywhere. Covered in throw up and not caring one bit, we sped to the  hospital.

It turns out Mason had a febrile seizure. What the fuck is a febrile seizure I asked the doctor. I just saw my son go completely white while his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he was unable to move or talk. No-one told me my little baby boy could have a seizure from having his fever spike too quickly. No-one prepares you for the moment your child suffers from something unexplainable and you are helpless and the only thing you can do is throw him into the car seat half-dressed, take him to the hospital, and pop an Ativan while you hold your baby, wait your turn to be seen, and pray it’s nothing serious.

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