Shhh…I’m Having an Affair

Yes friends, you read that right. I’m having an affair…with my home…with New York City.

Less than two weeks ago, I went home to New York City for five days…by myself. Husbandless and childless, a mom of a terrible two, almost three-year old’s dream. This is not because I don’t love being with my husband or child. I just love myself too and sometimes Mommy needs a break, needs to be by herself, with no-one to answer to or take care of.

Let’s be honest. My heart belongs to New York City. It’s my home. It’s everything. It has everything. My best friends, my sister, the rest of my family, Bergdorfs, my favorite restaurants, the best coffee, real bagels, delivery, theater, and obviously, Soul Cycle. Did I mention there is a Soul Cycle in every neighborhood? And I got to experience it all while I was there. I should also mention that I came down with a nasty cold the second day of my trip, but it was the best cold I’ve ever had! Being sick when you don’t have to take care of a husband, child, and small dog is actually amazing. Being sick in New York City is even better. Need medicine? Duane Reade will deliver it to you. Need chicken soup? Oh, that can be delivered too? Want to order sushi from your favorite sushi spot? Yep! Everything and everyone delivers. For two days, I didn’t leave my sister’s apartment and I was completely happy. Plenty of time to binge on Netflix and write.

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