Jen is the real deal: smart, funny, and authentic. She tells it like it is, and makes all of us around here feel like we are OK, exactly how we are and where we are. Jen is the best friend I wish I’d had by my side during the baby and toddler years of my four daughters.
Melissa d’Arabian, Author, Speaker and Food Network Host

Jen is one of those rare people who instantly strikes you as one of the funniest, most open people you’ll ever meet, even after knowing her only a few short days. Although I am neither medicated, nor a mommy, I find her writing refreshing and inspiring…like she’s preparing me for life’s challenges should I eventually become one, or both! To call the mantras and insights Jen shares “words of wisdom'” feels like I’d be giving them short shrift because so much of what is amazing about Jen is she’s the first to tell you there is no one universal wisdom, no one way to do any of this. She admits fully and hilariously to knowing what she doesn’t know, which gives the rest of us permission to do the same. Often, her Instagram posts are the only ones in my feed all day that present anything close to someone’s daily reality or truth.
Alison Eakle, Head of Comedy and Drama at Shondaland

Jen Schwartz is an insightful and honest writer about postpartum life and anxiety. As we begin to recognize the range and complexity of pre and postpartum mental illnesses, we need more voices like hers: to elucidate, to make us laugh, to give us honesty about how hard it really is. Thanks so much for your work on behalf of all of us.
Elizabeth Isadora Gold, Author of The Mommy Group: Freaking Out, Finding Friends, and Surviving the Happiest Time of Our Lives

When it comes to mental illness there is nothing more important than being raw and real. The Medicated Mommy is just that! Jen brings much needed humor and wisdom to taboo topics that everyone can relate to. I highly suggest her blog for all moms. I am honored to have met Jen and grateful for the work she does to create awareness for a usually unspoken about illness.  
Lindsay Gerszt, Producer, Postpartum Depression Survivor and Executive Producer of When The Bough Breaks

In a blogosphere filled with all kinds of noise, it’s refreshing to come across realness, authenticity and humor. It’s even more refreshing to find those three things in one place – and The Medicated Mommy is that place. Jen unapologetically tackles topics many are afraid to touch – like postpartum depression – and does it with her own style using unfiltered but poignant humor. She’s relatable, smart and funny. She’s all of us!
Rachel Sobel, Blogger, Writer, Radio Host, Whine and Cheese (Its)

Jen Schwartz’s work on The Mighty brings a fresh and hopeful perspective to a topic that is so often left in the dark – postpartum depression. Not only does she get real about what postpartum depression is like, but shows mom who are struggling that there is another side. With a topic that is often presented without hope, her narrative is not only important — but life-saving. 
Sarah Schuster, Mental Health Editor at The Mighty

Jen Schwartz is a fantastic writer and her blog is a must for all moms. Her voice is powerful, relevant and supportive for moms to read every step of the way. She has been a joy to work with at Mogul and her posts are always fantastic. 
Bethany Heinrich, VP of Content at Mogul 

Jen is unapologetically raw about her birth experience.  She shares openly about the ridiculous expectations that every mom has while pregnant and how her birth and postpartum experience were the complete opposite.  Postpartum depression is still the red headed stepchild of birth experiences even though most mom’s experience it on some level.  Jen is amazing at putting a face and a hysterically funny yet real voice to PPD.
Megan Alexander, Owner at BettyRuth Baby 

I have become a huge fan of Jen Schwartz’s writing and perspective on motherhood and really life in general through her contributions to Suburban Misfit Mom as well as through following her blog, The Medicated Mommy. Jen paints such a real picture of motherhood and womanhood from struggle to survival, sorrows to joys. She is a true warrior mom who tells it like it is, the good…the bad…the total jacked up. Rock on Jen. Keep doing you girl! You are every struggling mama’s cheerleader and as a mom of four who has done the dance with Postpartum Depression more than once, I appreciate you and your writing so very much.
Kristin McCarthy, Managing Editor at Suburban Misfit Mom, Founder of the blog, Four Princesses and the Cheese, Columnist at Practical Politicking, Freelance Writer and Author

Thank god Jen Schwartz had postpartum depression. Her unique insights on this challenging condition has been a blessing to so many mothers who are lying in bed thinking, “Why me?” Jen’s honesty and humor relating to how messed up motherhood can be is a breath of fresh air and just what the world needs. I am honored to be in her tribe.
Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW, Founder of The Mindful Family and President of Postpartum Support International NJ

Finding and reading Jen’s blog has made me feel like I am not alone in the crazy world of motherhood. We all have insane moments that are made more bearable by the tender times with our children. And it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who wants to lock myself in a closet and hide out with a glass of wine and potato chips! Jen’s frank honesty regarding postpartum depression has also caused me to evaluate how I treat my mom friends. She has made me a more aware friend that is capable of holding space and being more supportive.
Katie Waldrep, RN, BSN and Health Center Director, Indian Head Camp

From the moment I met Jen, I knew the world of moms was about to receive a special gift. Jen possesses that wonderful combination of clarity, candor, raw honesty, humor and life experience that brings her writing alive and touches deeply, those who read it. For a young woman, she has an old soul, a no-bullshit directness, and a heart of gold. I look forward to seeing her continue to thrive, to touch many, and to grow her following. I am proud to be one of her first fans!
Dr. JJ Levenstein, MD FAAP, Retired Pediatrician, Media Personality, Chef, and Consultant

Organic fruit may be all the rage but organic people are where it’s really at…and Jen Schwartz is a juicy red apple AND a bag of chips (gluten free, non-GMO of course)! Her ability to put what so many women feel into words is not only beautiful but life changing. She effortlessly strips away the pretty picture and lets you into the real world which although beautiful, is not without its flaws. The Medicated Mommy brazenly goes there and her journey is one that all should visit!
Colby Diamant, Sleep Deprived Mama of Two Little Ones Living in Southern California & Contributor to Motherlucker 

Jennifer is a superb writer whose content gets to the core of suffering and joy, all in one fell swoop.  The ease with which she shares her emotional experience brings readers to the center of the drama, and makes her readers feel as though they’re right there with her.  Ultimately, Jennifer’s writing serves to bring us closer to the truth about what being a mother does to a woman’s individualism and identity, and how Postpartum depression and other complications can offer a more complex understanding of motherhood, a la Jennifer Schwartz’ brilliant, dramatic and often comedic perspective.
Nathalie Laitmon, Founder and Publisher Suburban Misfit Moms

After kicking PPD to the curb, Jen started this essential blog for moms. Her straightforward writing style and saucy humor gives you the permission, the freedom, and the BALLS! to be the mom you really are instead of the one you think you’re supposed to be and to enjoy life and parenting while you’re at it. 
Dawn Andrews, Founder/Business Development Consultant for the Entertainment Industry at Free Range Thinking and Boy Mom of Two

I stumbled upon Jen’s blog when a mutual friend of ours posted an article of hers on Facebook. I couldn’t believe I was reading such a candid article about struggles with PPD and motherhood in general. There is so much secrecy and stigma surrounding motherhood struggles. In speaking so openly about these issues, Jen is destigmatizing a condition that is actually fairly common. Jen’s writing is real, raw, and sincere. Reading her blog is akin to having a conversation with a sister or friend with a killer sense of humor. Jen is providing a wonderful service for us moms in educating us and the public at large about PPD and reminding us to take care of ourselves in order to take care of our families.
Stephanie Mathless, Attorney and Mom of Two Boys Under Four

Jen Schwartz has created a resource that is invaluable to women, not just those struggling with postpartum depression. In my over 20 years as a psychotherapist, one of the most difficult aspects of being a mom is the guilt and shame that many women feel because they don’t understand why they often feel overwhelmed, dissatisfied, stressed, and struggle with feelings of anxiety or depression. Jen’s blogs about her experiences with PPD and raising a toddler are funny, warm and engaging, and are something that all new moms need to read, whether you are experiencing PPD or not. As women, it’s time for all of us to embrace our imperfections and let go of our idealistic standards of who we’re supposed to be as moms, and as women. The Medicated Mommy blog is a must read to help women let go of the shame, resentment, and discontentment that can often accompany motherhood, but few women ever discuss. She is a pioneer in bringing these issues to light and being a true champion for all mothers. 
Joanna Kleinman, Psychotherapist and Co-Founder of The Center for Extraordinary Relationships

In a world where everyone is trying to pretend they are “fine,” Jen’s blog The Medicated Mommy is a refreshingly honest, loving and amazing place to find relatable and humorous advice on PPD. She rips off the mask of pretending to be Pinterest perfect and brilliantly reminds us that we are all in this together. She is not ashamed to talk about her struggle, her set backs and how she stayed true to herself and became the best mom she could be by honoring her own journey and refusing to let unrealistic expectations of what a mom “should be” determine how she navigated motherhood.
Christina Lerchen, Personal Growth, Resilience and Grief Counselor and Founder of the The Best Unexpected

To know Jen Schwartz, is to understand her true sense of humor. And to follow her on Instagram. I have only known Jen for a brief period of time as we are both contributors to Motherlucker, but she already has me in stitches. If you want an honest-to-goodness, humorous, and in-your-face, day-to-day account of motherhood, she will give it to you. For a mom who has experienced the dark side of PPD, she can find the humor in sharing her story and experience, while offering a refreshing, raw, authentic point of view. For realz mammas….this chick is for realz!
Andrea Baxter, Expert Marketer, Late in Life Mamma and Founder of

Thank goodness for The Medicated Mommy! Her unfiltered, unapologetic voice keeps motherhood real and relatable. Her honesty is refreshing, especially in today’s Pinterest perfect world. She will have you laughing, crying and never feeling alone through this roller coaster ride of parenting.
Mallika Malhotra, Mom of Three and Brand Photographer at MikiFoto + CO

It has been my absolute pleasure and privilege observing the continued growth of Jen Schwartz.  She conquered a debilitating postpartum disorder and now has utilized her many talents and skills to help and educate other mothers who are enduring stress, heartbreak and sickness. This has been a beautiful journey that I’m SURE does not end here! 
Judith M. Thorne, Psy.d, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, The Prenatal and Postpartum Center of the Carolinas, DoctorOnDemand 

Jen Schwartz is a dynamo in the field of mental health. Not only has she kicked postpartum’s ass, but now she’s putting the smack down on stigma. She writes about her experiences in order to help prevent others from suffering the way she once did—and she does an outstanding job. We need more hustlers in the field of mental health like Jen.
Joshua Rivedal, CEO and Creative Director, The i’Mpossible Project and Changing Minds

Jen Schwartz of the Medicated Mommy isn’t just for moms, but also for women hoping to one day be moms, or for those of us who aren’t yet sure if we have the mommy gene! Jen uses humor and her real life stories and struggles to give women the confidence that their best is good enough, and that the kids are going to turn out just fine. Jen made me realize that if I do decide to become a mother, it isn’t all or nothing. Having children doesn’t have to mean giving up all that I am, and what I love about my child-free life. She made me realize that I will be a fabulous mom even if I struggle with postpartum depression, don’t know whether I want to be a working mother or a stay at home mama, can’t or choose not to breastfeed, and even if any of my scariest ‘what ifs’ come true. The truth is, Jen made me want to be a mommy. 
Anna Summers, VP Human Resources and Still Undecided about Motherhood

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