BIO: Jen Schwartz is the creator of The Medicated Mommy Blog and Founder of MOTHERHOOD | UNDERSTOOD, a social media platform that specifically talks to the 20% of moms who battle maternal mental health — scary stuff like postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety and a ton of other brain chemistry issues that hinder women from feeling like successful moms. Empathy-driven, funny, brave, honest, norm-breaking, with one sole focus: How mom is FEELING, not how she’s parenting. Jen is committed to taking the taboos around maternal mental health public and empowering moms everywhere to make self-care a priority and live motherhood more authentically. Jen is a published author, speaker, thought-leader, and contributor at the TODAY Parenting Team, Pop Sugar Moms, Motherlucker, The Mighty, Thrive Global, Suburban Misfit Mom, and Mogul. Her writing and commentary have been featured all over the mommy blogosphere at top websites such as Scary Mommy, CafeMom, HuffPost Parents, Hello Giggles and more. Always a New Yorker first, she lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband Jason, tiny human Mason, and dog Harry Potter. Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter,and join the M | U Mom Crew here.


  • I’m basically a toddler – I wear onesies, take naps and cut my food into small pieces.
  • I kicked postpartum depression’s ass! (And I’ll tell you anything you want to know.)
  • I believe in happy mom equals happy everyone.
  • My self-care comes first.
  • I keep the babysitters on speed dial.
  • I don’t believe in pretending unless I’m ordered to by my child.
  • I hated breastfeeding. (I quit after five days & I don’t care if you judge me). Fed is best.
  • I  leave the judging to the Olympics.
  • I’m more of a type A-/B+ personality, according to my therapist.
  • I don’t feel guilty saying no to things. My time is valuable and limited. I’m a mom!
  • I’m not the do-it-yourselfer mom I dreamed of being when I got pregnant.
  • I prefer small group activities.
  • I believe in Gluten.
  • I’m a stay at home mom (SAHM) with a part-time nanny.
  • I don’t know how I would feed my son dinner without the microwave.
  • I let my son watch TV…lots of TV.
  • I suck at crafting.
  • I drink too much wine.
  • I hate play dates (unless they include wine).
  • I curse too much.
  • I’m a professional TV binge watcher.
  • I won’t be having any more children. (One and Done-er)
  • I refuse to apologize for any of this, ever!